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FBF Refrigerator Design

As of Nov. 2020

Vol.1We designed a refrigerator to harmonises splendidly with your sophisticated interiors.

The new French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Luxury model turns conventional designs on their head, from its exterior right down to the tiniest internal detail. The development process took two years of meticulous planning – and the refinement shows. The new refrigerator is designed to be installed in an interior with clean horizontal and vertical lines, unbounded by tradition or culture.

The team surveyed daily based usage, and travelled extensively throughout Asia to pick up design concepts.

A simple design will not feel first-rate until every detail is perfect. It may seem trivial, but that’s why, for example, we changed the colour of the door packing on the luxury model from grey to black. The black packing remains inconspicuous visually with the refrigerator design. We are certain user will sense the attention to detail in touches like these, as they use the refrigerator. As everyone knows, the finest and most stylish outfit can be ruined by a single sock.

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