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Microcomputer 1.0 Litre


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Multiple Cooking Mode

Multiple Cooking Mode

Various Rice Modes

Different modes and water level indications ensure the best results depending on the type of rice you’re cooking.

Hitachi Original

Jasmine (Fragrant) Rice

Japanese Rice

White Rice

Brown Rice

Sticky (Glutinous) Rice

Mixed Grain

Mixed Grain Course is newly added for the one-step-healthier meal.

Various Cooking Modes

The range of modes also includes the healthy Steam and Slow Cook modes. Now you have an even bigger choice of ways to cook.

Mixed Rice

Porridge (Thick / Thin)

Brown Rice Porridge




Sticky Rice Steam

Slow Cook (High / Low)

*The number of cooking mode differs depending on the models. Please refer the spec sheets for more details.

Double Cook

Double Cook

Hitachi’s rice cooker carries Double Cook mode to help you cook meals more effortlessly. Plus it helps you to cook more delicious rice with high power and thicker 3.0mm iron pot.

Cooking with Steam and Heat
Generated from Cooking Rice

With Double Cook Mode, using the two bakets - Double Cook Basket and Steam Basket, dishes are cooked separately with steam and heat that is generated when cooking rice and goes through the baskets.

Double Cook Basket, Steam Basket, Steam and Heat, Meal, Rice

10 RecipesMeals Cooking 10 Recipes

You can cook various steam dishes from the 10 recipes developed with Maeban, cooking school in Thailand.

Rice Cooking

You can cook 2 types of rice with the Double Cook mode.

  • Hitachi Original

    Jasmine (Fragrant) Rice
  • White Rice

Simple Operation

One push of its button start simultaneous cooking of rice and meal.

Just place the ingredients in the set of baskets, and put above the rice inner pot and set into the main unit. Press the button and let it prepare dishes for you!

Double Cook

Microcomputer Controlled

Microcomputer Controlled Heating

Thorough Soaking and Steaming for Delicious Results

Microcomputer control rice cookers ensure the exact temperature at different stages of rice cooking. Rice is first allowed to absorb water at a moderate temperature before the water is fully heated to boiling point. And once the rice is cooked, excess water is purged from it and the cooker switches to a special steaming process. The final result is deliciously cooked rice, kept warm until you’re ready to serve it.

Comparison of Temperature Curve Inside of the Pot During Cooking

Microcomputer Control

Temperature, 98°C, 40°C

Conventional Control

Temperature, 98°C, 40°C

Extra Convenience

Extra Convenience


Makes sure your rice will be ready exactly when you want it.


A melody is played at the end of cooking to let you know that the rice is cooked and ready to be served.

Other Features

Other Features

Big Steam Cap

The newly designed, stylish bigger cap provides more space to hold sticky vapor and prevents water from spilling.

Bright Water Level Indicator

Helps you adjust water level to the optimum amount depending on type of rice.

Steam Basket

Cooks steamed glutinous rice and healthy dishes such as steamed vegetables.

Tech Spec

Capacity 1.0L
Maximum Amount of Rice (Measurement Cups) 5.5 cups
Mode Double Cook
Jasmine Rice
White Rice
Brown Rice
Sticky Rice
Mixed Grain
Porridge (Thick / Thin)
Slow Cook
Inner Pot Thickness (mm) : 2.0
Non-stick Material Coating
Outer Side : Aluminum
Bottom : Convection Ridges
Timer ~12.5 hours
Slow Cook Timer ~12.5 hours
Porridge Timer
Rapid Rice Cooking Program*1 Rapid
Removable Steam Cap Big Steam Cap
Water Level Indicator Bright
Steam Basket
Double Cook Basket
Accessories Rice Scoop / Measuring Cup
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Cooking Power 540W
Warming Power 33Wh
Weight (approx.) 3.2kg
Dimension (W×D×H) (cm, approx.) 26×34×23
Color White
TISI ,IEC TISI 1039-2547
Rapid rice cooking program applies to (1) Jasmine Rice, (2) Japanese Rice and (3) White Rice.