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Made in Japan


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Auto Bakery

Auto Bakery

Auto Bakery (21 Menus)

For delicious and quick-to-bake breads using the Convection Oven.

Kneading Dough is Made Easier

Simply add ingredients in the Baking Pan and set in the oven.

Simple to Bake

Baking with the Convection Oven function set to a high temperature, bread will have rich flavors and soft fluffy insides as the loaf retains moisture.

Knead to Bake in Approx. 90 Minutes!

The dough goes through a strong kneading and rising process using steam, followed by an additional rising step. With a baking process that is unique to the Superheated Steam Microwave Oven, it only takes approx. 90 minutes to bake a loaf of bread.

Special Dispenser for Yeast and Other Ingredients

The kneading to baking process is fully automated in this high-performance oven, with separate dispensers for yeast and other dry ingredients, like raisins and nuts, so that they can be automatically added during the kneading process.

Dry Ingredients Dispenser(Raisins), Yeast Dispenser

Raisin Bread

Bacon Bits

Handmade Bakery (13 Menus)

This mode has several preset baking timings and temperatures to suit the different types of bread that needs forming after kneading, allowing you to bake bread easily without having to set your own time and temperature.

Add baking ingredients.


First phase of kneading, resting and rising of dough.

Take out bread dough, roll it out and form it into desired shapes such as rolls or buns.


Second phase of allowing dough to rise.

Remove oven tray before pre-heating the oven.


Pre-heat oven; Bake delicious bread.

Dishes and Applications in Kneading Mode

Different kneading and baking modes for various dishes and applications.

Dough Mode (5 Menus)

Pizza Dough (24cm)

Pasta (Serves 3-4 Pax)

Cakes & Sweets Mode (9 Menus)

Sweet Potato

Soft Caramel

Baked Cheesecake

Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking

Reduce fat and salt content with these healthy cooking options.

Superheated Steam Mode (3 Menus)

Select a healthier cooking option with the Superheated Steam Mode, using over 100°C of steam inside the oven to reduce fat and salt content in food.

Herb Chicken (Healthy) : Reduced Fat

Hamburg Steak (Healthy) : Reduced Fat

Lightly Salted Salmon : Reduced Salt

*Amount of salt reduction per slice of salted salmon (80g)

  • Data based on the MRO-NBK5000 model

Oil-Free Deep-Frying Mode (18 Menus)

Enjoy healthy, oil-free fried food with a simple cooking steps. Combining the Microwave, Oven, Grill and Superheated Steam, it cooks food that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Fried Chicken (500g)

Calorie Count 1,321kcal, Calorie Count for Fried Foods 1,643kcal

Deep Fried Shrimp (16pcs)

Calorie Count 592kcal, Calorie Count for Fried Foods 1,056kcal

Healthy Fried Shrimp (16pcs)

Calorie Count 544kcal, Calorie Count for Fried Foods 944kcal

  • Data based on the MRO-NBK5000 model, using Oil-Free Deep-Frying Mode (serves 4)

*Reference: Basic data on cooking (Publishing Division, Kagawa Nutrition University)

Oil-Free Stir-Frying on Steam-Grill Mode (7 Menus)

In this mode, food is grilled while being steamed, so they do not turn brown easily, even without using oil while stir-frying.

Fried Noodles

Preserve Vitamin C while Cooking on Steam-Grill Mode (2 Menus)

Steam-grill cooking uses large amounts of steam to drive out oxygen. As a result of the low oxygen conditions, more Vitamin C is retained in grilled vegetables.

Steam Baked Squash

Fermented Food Mode (13 Menus)

Prepare fermented food dishes on this mode.

Salt Rice Malt Spinach Saute

Healthy Bread Mode (10 Menus)

Bake healthier breads by using healthy ingredients or the reduced calories menu.

Spinach Bread



Super Grill Tray Unit Generates heat using Microwave, Steam Lid Traps the steam within, allowing it to irculate in oven

Healthy Cooking with Heat Control is Now Made Simple

Hitachi’s unique Steam-grill function found on the Auto Menu uses a grill tray and steam lid to cook food. Using a combination of Superheated Steam, Oven, Steam and Microwave, this method of cooking allows you to cook dishes that require complex heat control, healthy oil-free stir-fried dishes as well as Vitamin C retention in your food.

Using the Steam-Grill

Select Steam-grill on Auto Menu to enjoy delicious dishes.

Stir-Fry Food, 7 Menus, Healthy as no oil is used, Steam Vegetables, 2 Menus, Healthy by preserving Vitamin C through low oxygen cooking

Steam-Grill, 16 Menus, Professional flame control that produces complex dishes that are delicious, Other Steamed Foods, 4 Menus, Full steaming with large volume of steam

Stir-Fry Food, 7 Menus, Healthy as no oil is used, Steam Vegetables, 2 Menus, Healthy by preserving Vitamin C through low oxygen cooking, Steam-Grill, 16 Menus, Professional flame control that produces complex dishes that are delicious, Other Steamed Foods, 4 Menus, Full steaming with large volume of steam

Professional Flame Control Keeps Cooking Simple

Prepare delicious fried dumplings that are crisp on the outside, and juicy on the inside.

Full Steaming Using Large Volume of Steam

Sake-Steamed Clam

Steam Whole White Fish

Quick and Simple 10-Minute or Less Recipes (7 Menus)

Cooking is quick and simple with Steam-grill. (Total of 19 Menus in 10-minute or less recipes, with 7 Menus for Steam-grill.)

Eggplant Mushroom Salad

Chicken Breast in Plum Sauce

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Easy to Clean and Maintain

As cooking is done using the steam lid and grill plate, dirt cannot easily get into the machine, which makes the clean-up hassle free. After cooking, the grill plate and steam lid can be washed and cleaned as a whole.

Super Grill Tray Unit

Fluorine finish metal tray assures easy maintenance and cleaning.

Removable / Washable Ceramic Tray

The entire tray is easily washable.

Cleaning Mode

Steam softens grime inside the oven for easy cleaning.

Easy-to-Clean Flat Heater

Smooth, bump-free surface assures easy maintenance.

Touch Screen LCD Panel

Touch Screen LCD Panel

Frequently used functions can be selected conveniently from the first display screen. The functions are conveniently accessed via the touch panel.


Easy-to-use menu and ingredients selection panel.

Auto, Recipe

Auto, Ingredients


Conveniently displayed buttons on the panel are used for lunch box and frozen food respectively.

Microwave 500w, Microwave 600w

Accessories Display

You can prepare without looking at the cooking guide.


Used Menus

Lists the 20 most recent menus used.

Triple Weight Sensor

Triple Weight Sensor

Table Plate Inside, Weight Sensor

About the Triple Weight Sensor

Uses a three-point measuring system to weigh the food and automatically detects the optimum temperature and cooking time. The Sensor also detects the food’s position, allowing precise focusing of microwaves for more efficient reheating.

Continuous Cooking / Reheating

Even when temperature is high after use, auto cooking and reheating can still be performed thanks to the Triple Weight Sensor.

Determines the Weight and Position of Food

Controls flame and heating time. Perfect grilling based on food proportion such as whether there are 2, 3 or even 4 hamburger patties.

2 to 4 Hamburger Patties

Reheating Two Dishes at the Same Time

The Sensor detects the weight of each dish, also determining the temperature, and is able to cook both perfectly and at the same time.

Frozen Rice / Chilled Dishes, Microwave Heating (Microwave)

High Performance

High Performance

Superheated Steam

Large Volume of Steam Above 100°C

A healthier cooking method with reduced fat and salt content.


Maximum Output on Auto is 1,000W (Maximum 3 Minutes)

Triple Weight Sensor determines weight and position of foods, thus enhancing effectiveness of reheating.


Steam at Approx. 100°C

Recommended for steaming eggs (Chawan mushi) and pork. Rice can be reheated without losing moisture.

2-Layer Oven

Maximum 300°C Convection Oven

The powerful 2-layer oven has a large capacity of 33L. You can enjoy authentic dishes such as large roast chicken, hand-made pizza as well as sweets.

*Approx. 5 minutes of operation at 300°C. This is followed by a switch to 250°C.

Double Radiant Heater

Far Infrared Ray Grill

Intense Heat of Up to 1,300W

Use far infrared rays to grill.

Dual Surface Grilling

Hamburger patties and salted mackerel/pike fish can be grilled on both sides without being flipped over because the grill plate generates heat via microwaves.

High Power Grill Heater

Convenient Setup and Storage

Convenient Setup and Storage

Simple Setup

Soft Closing Door

10cm, Left 0cm, Width 50cm, Right 0cm

Convenient Installation

Installs flushed against wall (back)
(Sides 0cm, Back 0cm, Top 10cm)

Convenient Storage

As the “Baking Pan”, “Dispenser” and other accessories are conveniently stored inside a storage case, it can be easily stored away as well as withdrawn from the cabinet.

Baking Pan, Mixing Blade, Yeast Cover, Dispenser, Baking Pan Rack, Measurement Cup, Spoons for Bakery

Storage Case Dimensions (mm)
Width 187 X Depth 263 X Height 264

Tech Spec

Oven Capacity [L]*1 33
Sensor Triple Weight Sensor & Temp Sensor
Microwave Microwave Power [W] : 1000*2/700/600/500/200/100
Oven Heater : Double Radiant Heater 2 Layer-Cooking
Heat Wrapping Oven
Temperature [℃] : 300*3/100-250 Leaven (30/35/40/50)
Grill Far Infrared Heater
Steam Water Tank
Superheated Steam : Boiler & Convection
Recipes in Recipe Book Total Recipes : 232
Auto Modes : 200
Features LCD Display (with Touch Panel)
Cleaning Mode
Deodorizing Mode
Auto Power Off
No-Oil Deep-Fry Menu
Soft Closing Door
Accessories Ceramic Tray
Metal Trays : 2 Trays : 41 × 30 cm
Grill : Super Grill Tray Unit, Grill Lid
Accessories for Bakery
Dimensions [mm] Exterior

( ): Including handle
Oven Cavity : W×D×H : 400×322×240

Back, Left & Right Side Free
Rated Voltage [V] & Frequency [Hz] 230 & 50
Max. Power Consumption [W] Microwave : 1450
Oven : 1420
Grill : 1350
Net Weight [kg] 24
Body Color Red
In accordance with "Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)"
Maximum three minutes with the short duration, high output function. Only works withh limited functions such as Auto Reheat.
Operating time is five minutes at maximum heat.
300℃ only works with Preheat (MRO-NBK5000E, AV200E)
Automatically reduces from 300℃ to 250℃ (MRO-NBK5000E, AV200E)
Automatically reduces from 250℃ to 230℃ (MRO-AV100E)
Functions include reheat preparation, etc.
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.