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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.




  • Champagne

  • Brilliant Black


Vegetable Compartment

Optimum High Humidity
with the Moisture-Guard

Moisture-Guard on top ensures indirect cooling thus keeping in the moisture released from the vegetables and fruits, maintains the optimum moisture level.

Independent Vegetable Compartment

Located in the middle where it's easy to see and pull out. Thus it is made with the double-deck construction which is ideal for storing large quantities in an easily organised way.

Fresh Chilled

Fresh Chilled Room

Protects and retains the moisture inside the food, keeping its freshness, as the cold air is not blown directly onto the food. Thus with the decorative piece around the handle, gives the tint of luxuriousness to the chilled room.

Freezer Compartment

For easier viewing by organising from big to small, different size of frozen items.

Automatic Ice Maker

Fill the tank in the refrigerator with water and ice cubes are automatically made for you in a convenient position.

Powerful Deodorisation

Triple Power Filter

Triple Power Filter removes odour components*1 and removes bacteria 99%.*2

Onions and Garlic

Methyl Mercaptan

Raw Fish




*1 Triple Power Filter that catches and removes 7 odour components (Tested by Hitachi. The type of odours : Methyl Mercaptan, Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Trimethylamine, Propanal, Hexanal and Acetic Acid).

*2 Thus also provides a sterilising effect. Combining the properties of Activated Carbon, Zeolite and Manganese Oxide (catalyst), the filter greatly reduces the percentage of odours present over time. Testing organisation : Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Testing method : Film adhesion method (JISZ2801). Name of processing component : Filter. Sterilisation method : Application of oxidation catalyst to filter. Subject : Bacteria trapped in filter. Test results : 99% sterilised after 24 hours, achieved using the filter alone. No effect on the environment and food inside the refrigerator.

Triple Power Filter

Bright, Energy Saving LED Light

Lasts a long time and consumes much less energy than conventional lamps.


High Power Inverter Compressor

Capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, as well as efficient low power cooling with microcomputer control.


Energy Saving

Controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, it assures no wasted energy to achieve world top class energy saving ratings.

Stabiliser Free

Even without a special stabiliser, Hitachi’s inverter refrigerator can operate under wide voltage fluctuations from 130v-300v.

* Tested by Hitachi. Operating conditions may differ depending on situations.

* Tested by Hitachi. Operating conditions may differ depending on situations.

Tech Spec

Door 3 Door
Series Solfege
Net Capacity (L) *1 Total : 375
Freezer : 75
Refrigerator : 225
Vegetable : 75
Storage Capacity (L) *2 Total : 329
Freezer : 54
Refrigerator : 220
Vegetable : 55
Dimensions (mm) Width : 600
Height : 1,810
Depth with Handle : 655
Depth without Handle : 655
Refrigerator Compartment Slide Out Fresh Chilled Room
Quick Cooling
Tempered Glass Shelves
LED Light
Vegetable Compartment Moisture-Guard Vegetable Compartment
Slide Type Double Deck Drawer
Freezer Compartment Automatic Ice Maker
Quick Freezing
Slide Type Double Deck Drawer
General Features Dual Sensing Control (with Eco Thermo-Sensor)
LED Control Panel
Triple Power Filter
Door Alarm
Common Features Refrigerant R-600a
No Frost
Mouldproof Door Gasket
Colour Champagne (CNX) / Brilliant Black (BBK)
Based on IEC 62552-3:2015 Standard Volume
Based on ISO 15502:2005 Standard Storage Volume
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.