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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Cylinder - Cyclone


Motorized Auto Drive Head

Motorized Auto Drive Head
Say goodbye to mops, hard work, and dirt.

The motorized head is made even more airtight to generate a high-speed air flow enabling powerful suction of dirt as well as wiping.


Blow onto the floor to blast dirt out from between tiles and other crevice.

Rotates at high speed, Jet Air Flow to the floor, Sweeps up dust

PowerWipe & 4 Way Suction

Pad rotates at high speed to cleanly wipe the floor while dirt is sucked in from 4 way as both sides and from the back and front.

PowerWipe Pad

Easy and Clean Dust Disposal

Easy and Clean Dust Disposal


Dust, together with the allergens it contains, is compressed by the Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System.
Dispose with one-touch operation.

Washable Dust Case

So many allergens in the dust

Dust contains house dust mites, pollen and many other microscopic allergens. Unlike with a mop or brush, a Hitachi vacuum cleaner lets you easily dispose of both mites and dust without them scattering. So it's a good idea to throw dust away frequently to prevent it from accumulating.

Powerful Cyclone

Powerful Cyclone

Dust & Air Centrifugal Separation System

Air is efficiently boosted in the cyclone chamber inlet to generate a powerful cyclone that separates dust and air by centrifugal force.
And the stepped shape design of the dust case helps prevent dust from being blown backto the top.

Incredible Suction Power

The application of fluid analysis techniques has resulted in a high efficiency design that generates the high powerthat's the source of the powerful suction.

Clean Exhaust Air

Clean Exhaust Air

Dust removal efficiency of 99%.*

Nano Titanium Filter, Micro Clean Filter, HEPA (H13) Filter, Highly Airtight Motor Case, Motor Filter, Exhaust Filter

*Tested by Hitachi.

Bed Nozzle

Bed Nozzle

Effectively removes dust mites and allergens using this special Bed Nozzle.

Fabric Beat Head

The rotating triple beater sucks in dust mite excreta and remains.

Multi Angle Head

Multi Angle Head

Rotates 90° each side to clean narrow areas and crevice.
Head stays flat for thorough cleaning even under low furniture.

Free Moving Head

Flat Mechanism

Variable Power Setting

Power Off, Standard, High/Low, Auto Drive Mode On/Off

Variable Power Setting

Remote control at your fingertips lets you easily adjust power setting.

Here's When It's Handy!

One-Touch Zoom Pipe & Hose

Light-Weight One-Touch Zoom Pipe & Hose

Ergonomically designed carbon fiber made one-touch zoom pipe and resin thin hose makes it light and easy to vaccum.

Carbon Light

Smart Hose


Accessories - Way More to Clean Your Home

Various accessories enables easy cleaning of quick spot cleaning and hard-to-reach spaces.

One-Touch Swivel Brush

Crevice Nozzle

Dusting Brush

Neat Storage

Neat Storage

Just hook on the hose and head for neat, compact storage.

Tech Spec

Cylinder Type Cyclonic Models
Power Boost Cyclone Series
Motor Max. Power (W: at 240V) 2200
Remote Control
Power Control
Allergy UK Approval
Dust Filter Dust Case
Dust Capacity (L) 2
Dust Indicator
Filter Nano Titanium
HEPA Clean
Extension Wand Telescopic One-Touch Zoom Pipe (Carbon Light)
Grip Handle
Twist-Free Hose
Tool Holder / Storage
Hose Stand
Automatic Cord Reel
Accessories Rug Floor Nozzle Smart Head
Bed Nozzle Beat Head
Dusting Brush One-Touch Swivel Brush
Crevice Nozzle
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 422x318x362
Weight (Net / Gross, kg) 6.9 / 10.7
Body Color Deep Champagne Metallic
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.