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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Middle East Fze


Made in Japan


  • Champagne Gold


Multiple Tools for Various
Cleaning Options

Multiple Tools for Various Cleaning Options

21 ways of combination give you various cleaning options. Now you can clean your house from corner to corner.

1Auto Drive Power Head

For thorough dust suction. With LED light for visibility in dark places.

1Extension Pipe

Carbon material makes it lightweight and also makes cleaning a breeze.

1Mini Power Head

Ideal for bedsheets and mattresses.

1Broom Brush

Thin soft plastic edges brush gently on the floor and other surfaces, picking up small dirt.

1Smart Hose

Smooth angled grip handle with flexible hose makes cleaning easy. Its ergonomic structure allows flexible maneuverability.

1Crevice Brush

2-Way and extendable crevice brush is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach or narrow areas.

1Hard Brush

Ideal for cleaning floor mats, etc.

1Handy Nozzle

Powerful Cyclone

Powerful Cyclone

Compact, High Power Motor

Compact, lightweight and high efficiency fan motor generates high power.

Power Boost Cyclone

Boosted powerful cyclone separates dust and air by centrifugal force.

Auto Drive Power Head

Auto Drive Power Head

Motorized head assures thorough dust suction with light handling. Equipped with the LED lighting that will help you clean even in dark areas.

Synchro Flap

The flap on the front of the head wards opens and closes when the head moves forwards and backwards, adjusting the air pressure inside for powerful suction. The head is also motorized, for even lighter handling.

Zero Distance to the Wall

You can clean the floor even right to the wall edges thanks to the head structure.

One-Touch Removal with Lever

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Smooth Grip

Designed for easy grip in various types of cleaning methods.

Detachable Lithium Battery

Allows you to use an additional battery.*2

Variable Emission Flow Shutter

By moving this shutter, you can change the direction of the unpleasant exhaust air to avoid blowing at you.

*1"High" Running Time Approx 8min. *2 Additional battery is optional.

Tech Spec

Model PV-XEH900
Color Champagne Gold (CG)
Dust Collection System Cyclone System
Continuous Use Time (min*) Approx. 40 (Standard) / Approx. 8 (High)
Charge Time (hr) Approx. 3.5
Battery Detachable Lithium Ion Battery
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm) 308 x 255 x 1012 (In 'Stick' mode)
Weight (kg) 2.1
Weight (Handy, kg) 1.5
Dust Collection Capacity (L) 0.2
Head Power Head
Rotary Brush Auto Drive, One-Touch Removal, Washable
Accessories Mini Power Head, Crevice Brush, Handy Nozzle,
Smart Hose, Broom Brush, Hard Brush, Charging Station,
Maintenance Brush, Extension Pipe
Full charge, New battery, Ambient Temperature 20℃ Running time may differ depending on ambient temperature.
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.