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PT. Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Indonesia

This warranty is granted for each purchase of Hitachi product imported and marketed by PT. Hitachi Modern Sales Indonesia from our authorized outlet/dealer in Indonesia. During this warranty period, damage shall be repaired free of charge by showing your Warranty Card and product to repair based on following terms and conditions:

  1. This warranty is valid for 1 (one) year since the date of purchase.
  2. All information (columns) in the warranty card must be completed.
  3. This warranty shall be void or nullified when:
    1. Such damage is due to wrong installation/misuse.
    2. Such damage is due to an event beyond one's control such as fire, lightning strikes, flood/water, high/low voltage, accident , bittten by mouse etc.
    3. Contents of this warranty card have been revised, or when such card is no longer in accordance with product to be repaired.
    4. The product was previously repaired by another party, not our technician from our central or branch office, or Hitachi's authorized service center in Indonesia.
    5. The product is used outside Indonesian territory.
    6. Such damage occurs in its component such as cabinet/body, remote control, hose or its components.
    7. Commercial Use/ Home industry (Especially for washing machine).
    8. Consumable parts such as battery, filter, carbon brush, van belt.
  4. When the equipment to repair does not comply with terms and conditions specified above, then owner shall be charged with repair cost and its spare parts based on our terms and conditions.
  5. This warranty excludes maintenance (cleaning/washing of indoor and outdoor units for AC and pipe installation for Water Pump).
  6. Repair service outside the service area will be charged transportation cost for every time technician visits the venue.
Type of Product Warranty Period Description
Refrigerator 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts
120 months Compressor*
Washing Machine 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts
120 Months Electric Motor* (Single tub only)
Vacuum Cleaner 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts
24 Months Electric Motor* (For Pail Type & Pot Type)
36 Months Electric Motor* (All Type Excl. Pail Type & Pot Type)
Water Pump 12 Months Service Fee , Electrical parts & Non Stainless Steel Tank
60 Months Electric Motor*
Stainless Steel Tank*
Air Purifier 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts
Microwave Oven 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts
Rice Cooker 12 Months Service Fee & Electrical parts


1.Sign " * " is valid for 1st time replacement only.
2.All accessories are without warranty coverage, such as: kabinet/body, remote control, hose, etc.