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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly known as Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad)[Registration no: 197101001183(11543-V)]


Carbon Line
Top Freezer
260L (275L Gross)
Flexible Fresh Select
Surround Cooling
Triple Power Filter
Flexible Fresh Select

Flexible Fresh Select

Flexible and Optimal Storage. Select the position and mode of the drawer based on your storage needs. Flexible enough to be located on the top or bottom of the refrigerator. The inside temperature is adjustable by switching between vegetable and dairy/meat modes when positioned in the original storage position.

  • Dairy / Meat Mode Approx. 1°C

    Dairy / Meat Mode
    Approx. 1°C

    Use the drawer as a chiller.
    Maintains meat and fish freshness, softly thaws frozen foods, and rapidly cools drinks.

  • Vegetable Mode Approx. 5°C

    Vegetable Mode
    Approx. 5°C

    Ensures the fresh preservation of soft fruits and vegetables that are easily damaged.

  • Double-Deck Vegetable Storage

    Vegetable Storage

    Position the drawer above the Vegetable Compartment, to benefit from a second storage space for vegetables.

Surround Air Cooling

Surround Air Cooling

The air circulation system reduces the amount of cold air that blows directly onto perishable food, while the No Frost Cooling system optimises the distribution of cool, flowing air from behind the back wall, allowing the shelves to be more evenly surrounded. The Surround Air Cooling system maintains food under a gentle airflow.

Triple Power Filter

The Triple Power Filter removes odour-causing components*¹ and bacteria by 99%*² throughout the entire refrigerator.

The Triple Power Filter ensures that the vegetable compartment is filled with clean air, preventing the transfer of unpleasant odours.

Onions and Garlic - Methyl Mercaptan; Raw Fish - Ammonia; Vinegar - Acetaldehyde

  • Onions and Garlic - Methyl Mercaptan
  • Raw Fish - Ammonia
  • Vinegar - Acetaldehyde
Efficient Inverter Compressor

Efficient Inverter Compressor

Hitachi refrigerators use an energy-efficient, electronically controlled inverter compressor. The compressor provides powerful cooling and lower noise.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Highly durable, scratch-proof, and heat-resistant shelves hold up to 100 kg* each for all your storage needs.

*Weight resistance of Tempered Glass. Images are for illustrative purpose only.
Tempered Glass Shelves Tempered Glass Shelves Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Functional Design

    The freezer compartment's tempered glass shelf offers safety and style, with its robust construction and premium finish.

    * Image is for illustrative purposes only.
    Interior image may differ on the selected model.
  • Functional Design

    Energy-saving LED lights provide ample illumination for a clear view of the thoughtfully crafted interior.

    * Image is for illustrative purposes only.
    Interior image may differ on the selected model.
  • Functional Design

    With a 6-litre beverage capacity*, the practical and secure door rack is designed for convenience.

    *Tested by Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances. Beverage door rack has capacity to store four 1.5 litre bottles.
  • Functional Design
  • Functional Design
  • Functional Design

Tech Spec

Product Code HRTN5275MFBBKMY
Product Type Top Freezer
Door 2 Door
Series Carbon Line
Features Flexible Fresh Select
Triple Power Filter
Modular Twist Ice Maker
Specifications Total Net Capacity (L): 260
Freezer (L): 56
Refrigerator (L): 204
Efficient Inverter Compressor
Surround Air Cooling
Door Alarm
LED Light
Brilliant Black
Dimension & Weight Width (mm): 560
Height (mm): 1680
Depth (mm): 635
Weight (kg): 48
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the website.
Triple Power Filter that catches and removes 7 odour components (Tested by Hitachi. The type of odours : Methyl Mercaptan, Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Trimethylamine, Propanal, Hexanal and Acetic Acid).
Thus also provides a sterilising effect. Combining the properties of Activated Carbon, Zeolite and Manganese Oxide (catalyst), the filter greatly reduces the percentage of odours present over time. Testing organisation : Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Testing method : Film adhesion method (JISZ2801). Name of processing component : Filter. Sterilisation method : Application of oxidation catalyst to filter. Subject : Bacteria trapped in filter. Test results : 99% sterilised after 24 hours, achieved using the filter alone. No effect on the environment and food inside the refrigerator.