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Front Loading - Washer Dryer
Wash 8kg / Dry 6kg


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Customise Your Wash for Your Favourite Clothes

Hygienic and clean clothes with selectable water temperature.

Hot wash for special hygiene care laundry.

For tea cloths, table cloths, towels and sheets.

Efficiently wash away stubborn dirt and skin sebum.

For undergarments and kids wear.

Wash away the stubborn dirt and stains.

For casual wear and synthetic wear.

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Customise Your Wash for Your Favourite Clothes

Selectable Dry Level

Selectable dry level dries your different type of clothes to your favourite way.


For heavy laundry e.g. jeans, thick towels or immediate wear.


For normal laundry e.g. cotton shirts, etc.


For delicates clothes that wrinkles easily e.g. silk, polyester, etc.

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Ways to Keep
Your Washing Machine Clean

90℃ Tub Cleaning

Select the Tub Clean program and it cleans the inside tubs with 90℃ hot water.
The high temperature strong water flow washes the gap between inner and outer drums, keeping them clean and hygienic.

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Ways to Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

Door Clean

During the spin cycle, foam or detergent residue that is left on the glass door and gasket can be thoroughly washed away with clean water.

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* The photo shows BD-80CE as an example and actual design / colour differ on the selected model.

Time Saver Programs

Equipped with three quick wash and dry programs.

Rapid 15

Extra short 15-minutes washing program suitable for lightly soiled items or small loads.

Daily 45

For washing lightly soiled items or small loads in a short 45 minutes program.

Daily 1 Hour W/D

For quickly washing and drying lightly soiled and small objects in 1 hour.

Easy Installation
with Slim Depth Design

You can install easily even for kitchens with limited space, shallow kitchen counter or with plumbing behind with only 495mm depth.

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Reload Function

When you want to add more items halfway through the wash cycle, all you do is to press the "Start / Pause" button for three seconds and add them to the drum, press it again to resume the washing. This is convenient when you find some items left after the cycle started.

* Image is for illustrative purposes only.
* Available before the water becomes high level and the temperature up to 60℃.


Make your heavily soiled clothes more clean by Prewash.

Tangle-Free Finish

When the spin cycle ends, the drum repeatedly moves clockwise and counter clockwise, first making items fall off the drum wall and then untangling them.
This feature makes it much easier to remove clothes from the drum. Minimal tangling means fewer wrinkles on clothes left in the drum for a long time after spin-drying.

* Image is for illustrative purposes only.
* Tangle-Free Finish will not be active with certain load capacities or settings.

Tech Spec

Model BD-D80CVE
Washing Capacity (kg) 8
Drying Capacity (kg) 6
Inverter Control
Washing Function : Intelligent Sensor System Water Level Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor
Load Sensor
Revolution Sensor
Foam Detection Sensor
Washing Function : Self Correction System
Spin Function Max. Spin Speed(r/min) : 1400
Variable Spin Control
Tangle-Free Finish
Useful Function Memory
Useful Function : Option Water Temperature : Cold, 20℃, 30℃, 40℃, 60℃, 90℃
Spin Speed(r/min) : 0,400,600,800,1000,1200,1400
Extra Rinse
Clean Function 90℃ Tub Clean
Antibacterial Mould Door Gasket
Door Clean
No. of Program 15
Washing Program Daily 45
Daily Wash
Rapid 15
Cotton Eco
Washing & Dring Program Cotton
Baby Care
1Hour W/D
Drying Program Dry
Other Program Tub Clean
Rinse & Spin
Structure Heat Protective Cover
Control Panel : LED / Knob
LED Colour : White
Detergent / Softner Drawer : All in One
Auto Restart
Auto Power Off
Child Lock
Safety Lock
Dimension (WxHxD,mm) 595x845x475
Minimum Installation Dimensions (WxHxD,mm) 635x865x495
Body Colour White
Weight (Net/Gross,kg) 65/68
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.