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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Thailand) Ltd.

Privacy Policy

We are serious about protecting your privacy. This Hitachi Privacy Right Declaration covers the collection and the use of personal information on the Hitachi web site and services, online and offline.

Collection of your personal information

Certain Hitachi services such as the web board will require you to register in order to exercise your right as a member. You will be able to set up an alias by which you will be referred to in this online community. This alias can be changed at any time. You hereby agree to be obligated by the statements you publicize on such pages. As the information you post in a public online site can be seen by other web site users, we suggest that you exercise caution and strictly refrain from disclosing your personal information on a web site or to an unknown person online, as it could be used in a damaging or illegal manner.

We may collect information pertaining to your web site visit, such as the web site you have accessed, the topics of your interest, and the activities you have completed via your browser. This possibly includes information on the browser you use, IP address, type of browser and the language used on your operating system, for instance. Certain Hitachi services are provided jointly with other companies. Therefore, the companies in question may be given information obtained through such services to which you have registered.

Use of your personal information

We may use your information to provide you with updates on products and services. These services may include advertising using the information we have earlier collected. Under no circumstance will we sell or lease your name to another party. We may occasionally contact you to offer the services of third parties who are Hitachi business partners, in which case we will handle all information. There will not be a direct contact from our partners.

We guarantee that we will keep your information strictly confidential. We may access or disclose your personal information in the case where it is necessary, required by the law under the constitution of Thailand or deemed utterly necessary for the following purposes: (A) To ensure compliance with the laws or to preserve the sovereignty of the country or the web site (B) To protect and preserve the right or the property of Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Thailand) Ltd. (C) To preserve the traditions and the morals of the country (D) To maintain national security and order (E) To ensure the safety of web site users as an urgent measure We reserve the right to comply with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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