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Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales (Thailand) Ltd.

Hitachi refrigerator Side by side 3 Doors Glass Bronze
Hitachi kitchen family life centric design
Hitachi kitchen life centric design
Hitachi Luxury kitchen life centric design
Hitachi refrigerator Auto Door Mirror
Hitachi refrigerator Auto Door Black


Original Vacuum Preservation

A Life Centric Technology
from Japan

Hitachi patented sealed-structure design and
vacuum pump maintain 0.8 atmospheric pressure
and keep away direct cold air.

Fresher Foods
You the
Best Cook!

Goodbye Oxidisation &

Hello to Healthy! Freshness!
and Speedy Cooking without the needs to defrost.


Number of Doors:

Water & Ice Dispenser:

Product Series

Made in Japan - IoT Connected

Made In Japan

Side By Side

French Bottom Freezer

Dual Cooling

Super Big 2

Big 2

New Stylish Line


1 Door