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23rd October 2007 - Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501) announced that it has developed a 35mm1 thin LCD monitor by adopting the newly achieved ultra thin LCD panel module2 and by renewing power circuit and frame structure. The combination of the monitor and the separate media station gives consumers freedom of placement of the TV. The new LCD TV's, named the UT series, will available in Japan beginning mid-December 2007.

The UT TV series is designed to free customers from restrictions of where to place the TV. The monitor of the UT series, which is 35mm thin, is more than just a TV suitable to be hung on a wall. By separating the media station from the monitor, the UT series provides consumers with a range of options for placement throughout the home, as well as ease in connecting with other consumer electronic equipments. The monitor and media station can be connected via the optional wireless unit to bring even more range in placement. The UT series will cast aside the stereotypic image that a TV should be placed against or even near a wall. The back of the monitor is well proportioned so that it can be viewed from any angle. Furthermore, the 32-inch size comes in four colors variations - black, white, red (limited production) and blue (limited production).

Background and Aim of Development

The environment and quality of broadcasting has improved dramatically within the past decade, bringing new value and demands to TV both from the content and the product side. The integration of broadcasting and communication is expected to accelerate.

TV sets dominate a significant place in the home environment. However, customers have been facing restraints, such as wiring, connection requirements or even coordination with furniture.

Hitachi has developed a TV from a product feature and home environment point of view, which has ultimately resulted in the "freedom of placement" concept. The "freedom of placement" goes beyond where to put the TV. It is designed to the customer to produce the best viewing style. Hitachi will continue to seek high picture quality, high performance, and to develop new technologies that bring revolution and joy to our customer's home.

As of October 23 2007 in high definition LCD TV for consumers 35mm is the measurement of the thinnest area.
IPS alpha panels for UT32-HV700B/UT32-HV700W/UT32-HV700R/UT32-HV700A and UT37-XV700 are produced by IPS Alpha Technology, Ltd.